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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
USMC 3 Season Sleeping Bag vs. Military Modular Sleeping System Bag

Here is a comparison of my USMC 3 Season Sleeping Bag (with extreme cold weather bag) and IBC (improved bivy sack) to my Military Modular Sleeping System. Both systems are fantastic and have wonderful features. I do have a personal favorite but also a few thoughts on how it could be better. Take a look as I take the bags out of my USMC FILBE backpack and display these two systems out on my Aqua Quest Defender 10x10 tarp.

ALICE Pack mods with Viet Nam sleeping bag carrier

My Dad has been working on a few mods on his ALICE pack that include adding a sternum/chest strap, quick release buckle on the waist belt, paracord everywhere and even added a carrier for his fishing handline and a Viet Nam carrier for his sleep system. Dad decided to go with paracord for keeping his axe attached to the ALICE pack. The mods are a collection of ideas from around the internet as well as just plain ol' imagination. Here' how he modded his ALICE pack!

frying corn fritters in crisco at camp

Bushcraft cooking is today's task and we are cast iron cooking corn fritters over a campfire. The closest I can find to my skillet is This is a delicious little treat that is fried in Crisco and made with cream of corn, salt, sugar, egg, flour and baking soda. This was our first attempt at frying these up and we'll keep on until we get them just right. We may even try and bake them in the Stanley cook pot.