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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

Henry David Thoreau, Walden
Bushcraft camp overnighter on the Roanoke River

I'm Gabriel Roberts from Roberts Bushcraft and I'm bring you along on another great camp overnighter at the Roanoke River with my Dad, Curry Roberts.

It was a wet and rainy night and the temps dropped to 35 degrees. Our Aqua Quest tarps kept us dry, we rigged them together to make our camp area a little bigger and provide better coverage over our Grand Trunk hammocks.

I stayed warm at first but then much cooler as dawn approached. I found out why! The Mylar bubble wrap that I use as a sleeping allowed an alarming amount of moisture to gather between the bubble wrap and my sleeping bag. I ended up with a soaked patrol bag! That can be deadly in colder temperatures.

We found some fatwood, and I even demostrate how to cross a fallen tree. Sounds simple, but, the space beneath the log is a prime place to get bitten by a snake.

We baked some muffins in our Stanley adventure cups, ate sausages and had a great time.

Bushcraft gear that we used

Roanoke River Bushcraft Overnight