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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Fire Force knocked this survival bushcraft tarp out of the park. Oxford nylon construction, a full lifetime warranty, Berry Compliant, waterproof, urethane coating, brass grommets, lightweight and flexible with reinforced edges, MADE IN THE USA and COYOTE BROWN! We are not sure if Fire Force will continue with the Oxford nylon tarp on Amazon or not, currently, the only tarps they are offering are the rip-stop versions.

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Fire Force 5x7 Coyote Brown Tarp made in USA

This tarp has quickly become my "go-to" for smaller applications. It's coyote brown, made in the USA, one single piece of material, and it's only 5' x 7'. The actual dimensions of the tarp measure out at 4' 10" x 6' 10". The outer sewn edges are 2" wide and that is the reason for the 2" measurement difference. There are no seams on this tarp that need taping or sealing. The 5' x 7' tarp is fantastic for bivy camping, survival tarps, bushcraft tarps, and general use tarps.

Here are the tarps on Amazon:

This particular tarp is the 5' x 7' that actually measures 4'10" x 6'10". The edges are cut and sewn 2" to create strong outer edges.

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