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We're test-fitting the loft floor and installing a shutter on the loft window.

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We started our day by gathering our lumber for the porch and loft.

Standing proudly with a stack of pine lumber

This was hard work getting the lumber from the yard pile to the truck, loaded up, and offloaded at home.

Cutting pine lumber for the porch deck

Modern tools, such as this Skil saw really help make the work just a bit easier. Here the lumber is being trimmed so that the edges are straight and ready to go!

Laying the pine lumber for the porch deck out on the ground

We're building a decent size porch that goes all the way around the cabin. This picture shows just about how large the porch will be, that's me in the background. 8' from the cabin wall is the plank length that we're after for comfortable protection from sun and rain.

Brushing on a coat of polyurethane on the hand-made shutter

Building my own shutter from scratch was a really satisfying project. It's the first I've ever tried to build and I think it turned out just right. I used a torch to lightly burn the wood so the grain would stand out. The polyurethane really gives it all a warm glow!

Standing on custom cut pine lumber in the loft of the cabin

This is a milestone for us in the cabin build. I'm standing on the lumber in our loft! To say that this was exciting would be a grand understatement! The boards are just about 2" thick and 8' long and they lay as flat as can be on top of the loft logs. That came as a surprise to us because we thought we'd need to cut and level the top of the logs in order to get a good and flat lay of the lumber. Turns out, we didn't. It's perfect!

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