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May the wings of Liberty never lose a feather

Today's video shows my unboxing and setup of my Crye JPC 2.0 plate carrier.

For the plates, I chose the LA Police Gear Lvl 4 that I picked up on sale. I added tube adapters for the cummerbund, a Spiritus Systems MK5 placard, and a few other things that customized the carrier to my liking. Bonus footage of the carrier being used while shooting some steel with my Bear Creek Arsenal 20" AR-15. 

Attention all elite operators and tactical enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your gear to the next level? Look no further than the CRYE JPC 2.0 Plate Carrier – the pinnacle of lightweight, modular, and battle-ready armor solutions.

Here's why the CRYE JPC 2.0 stands out from the competition:

  1. Unmatched Durability: Crafted with precision and battle-tested materials, the CRYE JPC 2.0 ensures maximum durability without sacrificing mobility. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, it's your trusty companion in any mission.

  2. Featherweight Design: Say goodbye to bulky, cumbersome plate carriers! The JPC 2.0's minimalist design provides optimal mobility without compromising protection. Whether you're scaling obstacles or engaging in close-quarters combat, you'll move with unparalleled agility.

  3. Customizable Modular System: Adapt to any mission on the fly with the JPC 2.0's modular design. Configure your loadout with ease, thanks to its MOLLE-compatible webbing and versatile attachment points. From ammo pouches to hydration systems, tailor your gear for maximum efficiency.

  4. Comfort & Breathability: Stay cool and comfortable during extended operations with the JPC 2.0's advanced ventilation system. Its breathable mesh lining and padded shoulder straps ensure optimal airflow, reducing fatigue and increasing focus when it matters most.

  5. Secure Plate Retention: Trust in the JPC 2.0's secure plate retention system to keep your armor in place when the situation heats up. With adjustable cummerbunds and reinforced stitching, your plates stay firmly secured for reliable protection.

  6. Sleek & Stealthy Profile: Designed for covert operations, the JPC 2.0 boasts a low-profile silhouette that minimizes your visibility without compromising functionality. Stay agile and undetected, maintaining the element of surprise in any scenario.

Equip yourself with the industry-leading CRYE JPC 2.0 Plate Carrier and elevate your tactical game to new heights. Whether you're a military professional, law enforcement officer, or avid enthusiast, demand the best – demand the CRYE JPC 2.0!

Use code RBCUSMC at

LA Police Gear Level 4 Ballistic Armor Plates:

2x3.5" Infrared IR Blackbeard Flag:

Tactical MOLLE Mesh Net Dump Pouch:

Magazine Adjustable Shock Cord Retainer and Pull Tab:

Molle Vest Quick Release Buckle Set: