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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

It's long overdue. Finally, we decided to revisit and create a new video on our mighty Extreme Cold Weather Tent ECWT ECWS North Face Tent. Take a look at the ECWT tent and features with tent setup, rainfly, tent interior and more.

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This tent was manufactured by The North Face® for use by combat troops in extreme cold and other weather conditions.

North Face spared no expense in building this high quality, mobile, flexible nylon military shelter. The versatile, semi-geodesic dome shape tent is rated for five+ persons (four, with full combat gear) and is extremely roomy for two people. This amazing shelter provides rain protection and weather insulation and will withstand high winds and heavy snow.

The expedition quality construction is geared toward extreme weather conditions and meets the military's requirements that the tent is operable from -25 degrees F to 125 degrees F, and withstand 65 MPH wind gusts as well as repel wind-driven rain at 2" per hour with 20 MPH wind.

The required snow load capability is a minimum of 4 pounds per sq. ft. North Face says that properly staked, these tents can withstand a 107 mph (mile per hour) gale.

North Face® has been a part of nearly every important extreme adventure and expedition since its founding in 1969, due to its superior technology which results from cutting-edge research, design, and development.

Extreme Cold Weather Tent ECWT ECWS North Face Tent with sleeping bags and FILBE pack

The Extreme Cold Weather System (ECWS) is a multi-soldier, four-season, tensioned-pole-supported (freestanding) shelter with 64 square feet of floor space and an interior height of 5’ 1”.

The main tent body has integrated pole sleeves and is geo-dome shaped. In the mission transport configuration (tent body, fly and poles) the tent weight is less than 21.5 pounds and the transport cube is less than 1.6 cubic feet.

There are two full-size weather flys with vestibules, one Woodland Camouflage fly and the other an Arctic fly, typically they are both blackout coated on their underside to prevent flashlights used inside the tent from being seen outside of the tent.

Extreme Cold Weather Tent ECWT ECWS North Face Tent woodland camouflage rainfly

Each fly provides an additional 30 square feet of vestibule area. This system can also be used in warm weather or the flysheet can make a great tent/shelter by itself.

The outer skin is of durable, fire-resistant ripstop nylon. Double-stitched, bonded seams to insure complete moisture protection. Heavy-duty nylon rust-proof YKK zippers. Full-size zippered door and most with an extreme-cold entrance and cooking/stove holes that cinch shut when not needed. A full floor is completely waterproof. Lightweight, multi-sectioned, shock-cord interconnected, Easton 7075-T9 aluminum alloy poles, as specified and required by the U.S. Army and United States Marine Corps for all portable shelters.

Easton poles support expeditions around the world, being the pole of choice when tent success or failure may mean the difference between a life or death outcome.

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