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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

It's Veterans Day weekend and the birthday of United States Marine Corps, the world's finest fighting force.

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We decided to head out into the cold for an overnight camp with our Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat tent and military sleeping bags. Temps dropped to 22 degrees and it was frigidly wonderful!

eating mountain house rice and chicken meal beside campfire

My Dad, Curry Roberts, is enjoying a Mountain House chicken and rice meal beside the campfire. The temperature was falling at a steady pace and that fire was sure something to get close to!

Gabriel building a campfire in the cold early morning hour

When you think you've gathered enough firewood for your fire go back and gather three-times as much. You burn far more than you realize, especially when you are cold. The higher the flames the more you heat you feel!

making coffee in the Stanley Adventure cook set

After watching the fog floating along on the Roanoke River we decided to make a cup of coffee. What a morning to have a wonderful hot cup of fresh coffee! Dad has a basket that he took from an old camp coffee pot and uses it quite well in his Stanley Adventure cook pot. We get a lot of use out of that cook pot.

Mountain house breakfast sausage and rice skillet

After toasting to the Marine Corps' birthday and military veterans, we sat by the fire and ate a terrific Mountain House pork sausage and rice skillet. The expiration date was listed at 2048!

homemade pancakes cooked over the campfire

Not to be outdone by Mountain House, Dad decided to fry up pancakes in butter. There is some magic or something mixed in there too because we can eat them as fast as they are made.

frost developing on the USMC 2 man combat tent rainfly

Frost developing on the USMC 2 Man Combat Tent's rainfly was a welcome sight given the historically miserable heat that we suffered through during the summer.

USMC Improved bivy cover with sleeping bags

In the colder months Dad always elects to sleep in the USMC Improved Bivy Cover. Here you can see paracord that he added so he can tie the bivy to a homemade groundsheet. He tosses and turns a lot in his sleep and this little mod helps him keep the bivy off of the rough ground. There are two loops sewn by the manufacturer at the foot of the bivy that he attaches the foot of the groundsheet.

sleeping bags inside of USMC improved bivy cover

The bivy is a fantastic piece of gear, it holds in heat and it's made in his new favorite color, Coyote Brown. The contents of his sleeping system consist of the USMC 3 season sleeping bag, the Extreme Cold Weather bag, IBC (Improved Bivy Cover) and Thermarest military sleeping mat.

Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent

Here is a view of our Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent. Dad often declares his love for this particular tent and makes it known that it's the best one he owns. I have to agree. It's built like a tank and its build right here in the mountains of North Carolina.

USMC flag inside of USMC 2 Man Combat Tent

God bless the USA, our veterans, and happy birthday USMC! May the wings of liberty never lose a feather!

About the USMC 2 Man Combat Tent

The tent body is free standing. (It requires no stakes to hold erect.) The rain fly is free standing. (The rain fly is required to be freestanding only when used independently of the tent body. The vestibule is not required to be freestanding. I.E. may require stakes or guy lines.). The USMC 2 Man Combat Tent can withstand steady 40 mph winds with gusts to 55 mph. The rain fly prevents the escape of light and provides protection against visual and infrared detection.

The USMC 2 Man Combat Tent is operable conditions 0° to 120°F. The large doors have inner mesh covers made of military-grade 20D no-see-um mesh for ventilation that minimizes the internal build-up of condensation. This mesh also provides protection from flying and crawling insects.

The USMC 2 Man Combat Tent has sufficient headroom for changing clothes as its peak height is almost 4' tall. Rainfly covers all openings in the shelter. When installed the rainfly provides 20 sq. ft. of additional covered storage and is adaptable for use independent of the shelter. Rainfly has high wind guy out points for staking down the tent.

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