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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

The newer USMC complete sleep system consists of a three-season sleeping bag, a cold-weather bag, a mesh bag for garrison storage, and two Seal Line compression sacks.

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The smaller Seal Line waterproof coyote brown compression bag is designed to compress the IBC (Improved Bivy Cover), three-season sleeping bag and it's roomy enough for a poncho liner.

military sleeping bags inside compression bags

Pictured above are three of the US military sleeping bags. From left to right are the SealLine black compression bag that contains the USMC 3 season sleeping bag, Improved Bivy Cover, extreme cold weather bag, and poncho liner woobie. The middle bag is the older MMSS (Military Modular Sleep System) that contains the Gore-Tex woodland camo bivy, green patrol bag, and black extreme cold weather bag. The smallest of the three is the SealLine compression bag that is for the USMC 3 season bag, Improved Bivy Cover, and woobie.

In the colder months where the outer bag (cold weather bag) is needed the smaller bag can be used for compressing or storing other items that need to be kept dry. The cold weather sleeping system, when assembled (three-season bag, cold weather bag, poncho liner, and IBC), needs to be rolled up from the foot and placed inside of the larger black Seal Line compression sack.

Seal Line compression stuff sack NSN 8465-01-608-7507

The sleeping bags are then compressed down and placed in the sleeping compartment of the FILBE main pack. Buy one: Seal Line Black compression sack

usmc military sleeping bags with woobie

As large as the new USMC sleeping bag system is I see no reason why the black Seal Line compression sack NSN:8465-01-608-7507 would not work for other sleeping bags. This SealLine Waterproof Black Dry Compression Sack for Extreme Cold will accommodate the older MMSS (Military Modular Sleep System) that includes the Gore-Tex bivy, green patrol bag, black cold weather bag, and poncho liner.

How to put the sleeping bag inside of waterproof bag

Step 1. Fold the bag in half widthwise and roll the bag up beginning from foot all the way to the head. Roll the bags up to reduce volume and place them inside the Seal Line compression bag

usmc military sleeping bags placed inside seal line bag

Step 2. Fold (not roll) the Seal Line compression bag down while forcing air out of the purge valves.

usmc military sleeping bags rolled inside seal line bag

Push down on the bag to purge air.

purging air from seal line bag

Step 3. Buckle to secure.

closing seal line bag buckles

Step 4. Place the compressed bag inside of the sleeping compartment (if equipped) of your backpack.

Seal Line compression sack inside sleeping compartment of USMC FILBE pack

Step 5. Close your pack. Pictured below is the USMC FILBE (Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment) main pack with a Seal Line waterproof bag. This bag protects from water all gear placed inside of it when properly closed. The Seal Line sleeping system compression sack also protects the sleeping bags from water. When combined the USMC FILBE main pack will float.


Pictured below are the USMC Improved Bivy Cover and TCOP tent.

USMC Improved Bivy Cover and TCOP tent

Seal Line

  • Top Closure Buckles
  • Two (2) Air Purge Valves
  • Waterproof Compression Flap
  • Compression Straps with Quick-Release Buckles
  • Pocket for User Guide (User Guide Included)
  • NSN:8465016087507
  • Military NSN:8465-01-608-7507
  • Made In The U.S.A.

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