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BC-10 | .308 Forged Rifle | 16" Parkerized Heavy Barrel | 1:10 Twist | Mid-Length Gas System | 15" MLOK Split Rail | No Magazine

This Bear Creek Arsenal AR-10 .308 Winchester Complete Rifle has an 16" Heavy barrel with a parkerized finish, and features a 1:10 twist rate, with a mid-length gas system. This .308 AR-10 includes a 15" MLOK split rail, a forged upper receiver, a BCA AR10 Bolt Carrier Group, Flash Hider, rear charging handle, and 1st gen DPMS low profile forged lower assembly.Shop more .308 Rifles!Check out Magazines here!{{widget type="Magento\Cms\Block\Widget\Block" template="widget/static_block/default.phtml" block_id="56"}}*Note - We strive to provide the most accurate photographs of our product. Variations may occur in the skeletonized section of the handguard/flash hider you receive.{{widget type="Magento\Cms\Block\Widget\Block" template="widget/static_block/default.phtml" block_id="42"}}We can ship out to your local FFL and we will help you find one close to you! Use the drop-down menu and select the radius from your zip code. If we do not have their license on file, we can help you get it by reaching out for you via email or calling them! If you do not see the FFL you want it shipped to just email us at and we can add them to our options.