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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

The Bushcraft Essentials Ultralight is a super lite version of the best selling original design.


It’s impressive size (61g; 2.1oz) is still highly effective as a multifuel, pocket sized hobo stove. Designed and manufactured in Germany from 0.3mm stainless spring steel. Environmentally friendly, simple configuration allows the Ultralite Bushbox solo backpacking stove to accommodate organic matter like twigs, leaves, and pinecones. The size easily supports an alcohol burner, Trangia, Esbit, or other fuel tablets. Comes with a trivet that can be placed to fit any pot size.

Can also be used as a windshield or a pot support for other burners. The Ultralight’s weight of 61g, makes it the perfect addition to your pack without weighing you down while eliminating the need to carry fuel. The Ultralight Bushbox is also compact - disassembled: 12cm x 9cm, (4.7” x 3.5”) and just 1.5mm thick and will fit into any pocket. Super easy to put together and use as the “Build it from the Back” design lets one put it together in seconds.

Extremely variable and versatile. Three different positions for base plate / optional ash tray. Consists of: 3 side panels, trivet, base plate, cotton bag Optional acessories: - ash tray - additional trivet as lighter base plate (perfect for Trangia mode) - grill plate (additional base plate) Please watch our video. OTHER PRODUCTS SHOWN ARE INTENDED FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT PART OF THE OFFER.

This stove is heirloom quality and built to last, made from 100% stainless spring steel. Designed and manufactured in Munich, Germany, to the highest specifications possible, and contain no plastics in the products or in the packaging - opting instead for cotton bags and cardboard. A solid piece of equipment designed to last a lifetime. Please note it comes with a few scratches from production as Bushcraft Essentials does not polish their products as to avoid water pollution and health risks.


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