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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Mountain House Just In Case...Classic Assortment Bucket


With 12 total meals, this bucket has enough food to feed a person for 3.5 days.* Every pouch in every stack-able and portable Mountain House 'Just In Case' bucket assortments has a proven 30 year shelf life, so it is good to have on hand just in case of an emergency or for when you may need to feed a large audience. We stand behind our shelf life promise and back it with our 30 year Taste Guarantee. You can rest easy knowing you have your family covered in times of emergencies whether it be one year from now or thirty.

Make food planning for your next outdoor adventure a breeze. With Mountain House, no refrigeration is required. With ease of prep and just-add-water convenience, Mountain House freeze-dried food makes a great companion while hiking that epic trail, camping with friends and family, or simply refueling you so you can get back out there for your afternoon hunt. Plus, why weigh yourself down with dishes? With Mountain House you can eat directly out of pouch! With no more dishes to clean, now you can have extra time to Savor the Adventure.

*Based on USDA recommended diet of 2,000 calories/day.


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