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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Top wilderness trainer and author Craig Caudill partners with fellow wilderness instructor Tracy Trimble to help you find your way in nature―no matter the tools you have on hand―in this must-have guide at a portable size and with thick, sturdy paper ideal for field-use.

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Using real-life stories of wilderness navigation successes―and cautionary tales of wilderness exploration gone awry―Craig and Tracy start with the basics of rudimentary compass and map use before teaching the finer points of these indispensable resources, making Essential Wilderness Navigation the ultimate go-to guide for explorers of all skill levels. You’ll also learn how technological aids like GPS and natural elements like flora, fauna and celestial bodies can help you identify your position. Armed with your new knowledge and skills, you will be well equipped to troubleshoot any problems, explore nature and become a master wilderness navigator.

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Essential Wilderness Navigation

  • Learn how to choose the right maps and read them, choose the right compass, and understand GPS' and other useful technological equipment.
  • Learn how to use the day and night sky, as well as, flora and fauna to determine direction.
  • Sections dedicated to assisting search and rescue, military and law enforcement, hunters, Boy/Girl Scouts and other family groups in developing wilderness navigation skills.
  • It comes with a topography map that will be used in practical application tests along the way to ensure you learn the material.

With nearly five decades of wilderness experiences, Craig has seen almost everything nature can throw at you, and he has become a distinguished wilderness skills teacher, survival guru and seasoned outdoorsman. Full of tales straight from Craig’s own adventures and tips from trusted wilderness experts, this is more than an essential gear guide; it’s an unparalleled wilderness advisor and companion.

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