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Start building your emergency protein reserves with these exceptional freeze-dried beef cubes. This premium American beef is meticulously processed in small batches to satisfy growing demands. Use code CLEANCOWS at checkout for 15% OFF! And there is FREE SHIPPING TO THE CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES!

This beef is prepared for long-term storage by starting with 48 ounces of high-quality beef, cubed and cooked using the sous vide method, then freeze-dried. This technique guarantees a prolonged shelf life, outstanding flavor retention, and the preservation of nutritional value.

This beef product stands out from ordinary jerky or dehydrated meats. It is a superior form of freeze-dried beef, ideal for both immediate consumption and long-term storage, with an impressive shelf life of over 10 years, requiring no refrigeration until opened.

Each 12-ounce packet rehydrates to its original volume of 48 ounces, providing 12 servings. Every serving delivers a robust 24 grams of protein, significantly surpassing other products like “beef crumbles,” which typically have less protein and higher fat content.

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