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JEO-TEC Nº1 The ONE Bushcraft Survival Hunting Camping Knife - BOHLER N690C Stainless Steel, Multi-positioned Leather Sheath - Handmade


Explorers, hunters, fishermen and military live exciting experiences with our knives every day around the world.

These knives have been specially designed to be used in rough conditions and hard outdoor environments. Whatever the activity which brings you into contact with nature, you can always rely on JEO-TEC knives.

Main features:

  • Blade Length: 130 mm / 5 inches.
  • Overall Length: 230 mm / 9 inches.
  • Blade Thickness: 5 mm / 0,20 inches. Blade cut by laser.
  • High resistance Micarta / Cocobolo Exotic Wood handle.
  • Stainless Steel BOHLER N690C.
  • Sharpener Stone & Firesteel included.
  • Designed in USA. Handmade in Spain.

We specialize in heavy-duty knives: Bushcraft knife, Survival knife, Hunting knife, Tactical knife, Army knife. We also offer custom made knives for quantity orders (Minimum quantity: 25 units).

100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE >>> We've tested this knife hundreds of times in different conditions, and we are absolutely sure of its quality! This why we can offer you a 100% money back guarantee if our knife doesn't live up to your expectations!

Our products come with a lifelong guarantee, so should any of our knives be faulty or flawed due to material or manufacturing defects, we will replace it for a new one. Damage cause by the misuse, undue care or obvious wear through use will not be covered by this guarantee.