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The Barrel is 4150V chrome-moly steel. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1:7 twist rate, M4 barrel extension, carbine-length gas system, and nitride treated for accuracy and durability. The A2 profile barrel is finished off with a PSA 9" Lightweight M-Lok free-float rail, .750" low-profile gas block, and A2 Flash Hider.

The upper is forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is hard coat anodized. These uppers are made for us right here in the USA!

The bolt: Full-auto profile bolt carrier group. Shot-peened, mil-spec Carpenter No. 158® steel bolt. Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specifications, Fastened with Grade 8 screws, and Staked Per Mil-Spec. 8620 steel M-16 profile carrier is chrome-lined and phosphate-coated.

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The forged lowers are quality made using 7075-T6 aluminum and are marked "MULTI" for caliber. Finish is hard-coat anodized. Pistol 7075-T6 buffer tube is hard coat anodized and is fitted with an SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable Pistol Brace, Magpul Grip, and Enhanced Polished Trigger (EPT).

PSA AR-15 Pistol 5.56 10.5" Carbine Details

Gas System: Carbine-length
Barrel Profile: A2
Barrel Steel: 4150V Chrome Moly Steel
Barrel Finish: Nitride
Chrome Lining: None
Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28
Chamber: 5.56 NATO
Twist Rate: 1 in 7"
Barrel Extension: M4
Diameter at Gas Block: .750"
Gas Block Type: Low-profile
Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Hider
Receiver Material: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum
Receiver Type: A3
Handguard Type: PSA 9" Lightweight  M-Lok
Bolt Carrier Group Included: Yes
Bolt Steel: Carpenter 158
Bolt Carrier Profile: Full-auto
Charging Handle Included: Yes
Lower Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum
Receiver Finish: Hardcoat Anodized Black
Fire Control Group: Single-Stage, Enhanced Polished Trigger
Grip: Magpul MOE Grip, Black
Buffer Tube: 7075 T6 Aluminum 
Adjustment: Fixed
Pistol Brace: SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable Pistol Brace, Black
Magazine: 30 Round Aluminum

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What is an AR-15 Pistol?

An AR-15 pistol is a variant of the AR-15 platform that is designed to be a shorter, more compact firearm with a barrel length typically under 16 inches, and usually lacks a traditional rifle stock. Instead, it may have a pistol brace. Here are some potential benefits of an AR-15 pistol.

Compact Size

The shorter barrel and overall length make AR-15 pistols more compact than their rifle counterparts, which can be beneficial for storage and transportation.


The shorter length and lighter weight of AR-15 pistols can make them easier to handle, especially in confined spaces.


Like AR-15 rifles, AR-15 pistols can be customized with a wide variety of accessories such as optics, lights, and other attachments to suit different needs and preferences.

Legal Flexibility

In some areas, AR-15 pistols may offer a legal advantage compared to short-barreled rifles (SBRs), as they may not require the same level of regulation or tax stamps as SBRs.

Recoil Control

Many AR-15 pistols utilize pistol braces that help the shooter control recoil, making the firearm more comfortable to shoot.


AR-15 pistols use the same type of ammunition and magazines as AR-15 rifles, providing consistency and compatibility for users who already own AR-15 rifles.

Tactical Applications

AR-15 pistols can be useful in tactical or home defense situations due to their compact size and ease of handling in close quarters.

Customization Options

Just like AR-15 rifles, AR-15 pistols can be customized to fit the shooter's preferences with various handguards, grips, triggers, and other accessories.

Remember that regulations surrounding AR-15 pistols can vary depending on your location, so it's important to be aware of the laws in your area. Always handle firearms safely and responsibly.