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May the wings of Liberty never lose a feather

Broad spanning with an uninterrupted field of view, the Deep State sees all. In completely protecting your world, the Deep State also includes all of WarBird’s eyewear technology and offers ANSI Z87.1 protection.

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Wearing eye protection when shooting is crucial for several reasons. It provides safety against potential hazards that can arise when handling firearms. Here are some benefits of wearing eye protection when shooting.

Protection from debris

When shooting, there can be flying debris such as shell casings, bullet fragments, or splintered materials from the target or backstop. Eye protection guards against these hazards.

Shielding against gunpowder and gases

Shooting can produce bursts of gases and gunpowder residue that can irritate or harm your eyes. Proper eye protection helps shield you from these elements.

Guarding against ricochets

Sometimes bullets or fragments can ricochet off surfaces and come back towards the shooter. Eye protection can help prevent serious injury in such cases.

UV protection

If you are shooting outdoors, particularly in bright sunlight, tinted eye protection can also provide some level of UV protection, shielding your eyes from the sun's rays.

Improved visibility

High-quality shooting glasses may offer improved contrast and glare reduction, helping you see your target more clearly.

Prevention of accidents

Wearing eye protection can prevent accidental injury from unexpected events, such as a firearm malfunction (e.g., a blowback) that may occur during shooting.

Compliance with safety regulations

Many shooting ranges require the use of eye protection as part of their safety protocols, so wearing eye protection ensures you comply with these rules.

Overall safety

Eye protection is a key aspect of overall gun safety. It helps create a safe shooting environment and demonstrates responsible gun handling.

Eye protection is essential for maintaining safety and preventing injury while shooting. It is a simple yet effective measure to protect your vision and ensure a safer shooting experience.


  • 4SHADOW lens technology
  • High-resolution lenses for superior vision. Brings out details
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 Safety Rating for Impact Resistance for safety
  • Kaiwall™ Bio-based TR90 Frame Material for environmentally friendly durability, lightweight, comfort
  • Thin temple design increases comfort when used with headphones and ear protection
  • Adjustable rubber non-toxic nose pad for the perfect fit
  • Co-injected temple pieces for enhanced comfort and fit- Mono Shield-style lens provides an unencumbered field of view
  • Mono Shield-style lens provides an unencumbered field of view.
  • Contoured lens shape compliments cheekbones and facial features
  • Includes zippered protective case w/morale patch, quick-release clip, microfiber drawstring bag

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