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Launch your AR-15's performance to new heights with a precision-engineered Geissele Automatics SSA or SSA-E Trigger! Both are manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, meaning these premium trigger upgrades deliver unparalleled consistency and reliability shot after shot. You'll experience enhanced control for improved accuracy potential every time you squeeze, thanks to the a precision mechanism that minimizes creep and over-travel.

How a Properly Managed Gold IRA Can Be Your Perfect Backup if You-Know-What Hits The Fan

Physical precious metals are considered by many to be a "hedge" investment during times of financial strife. Huge market swings, Central Bank Digital Currencies, or a crashing U.S. Dollar could decimate an American family's life savings, especially if their current IRA, 401(k), or government retirement account is being managed through "woke" corporations or their subsidiaries.

In 2024, many Americans are less concerned about what their retirement accounts will look like in 10 years and more worried about what the nation will look like in the next 10 months. The presidential election seems destined to generate strife regardless of the outcome. Even the lead-up to the election may bring great turmoil that could boil over. More Americans are concerned about the "crap hitting the fan" this year than any time in the recent past.

Christian precious metals company Genesis Gold Group has kept its fingers on the pulse of the nation and the world. Co-founder Jonathan Rose has been particularly aware of the trajectory of the country and has positioned their popular self-directed IRAs to be more easily accessible to their clients.

"We have unique relationships with our depositories that help us get our clients' precious metals disbursed to them quickly in a pinch," Rose said. "This could be very beneficial for our clients if they anticipate a national emergency or even some sort of societal collapse."

Genesis does not recommend closing accounts in the short term because of tax burdens, but they have prepared for the rising anxiety surrounding the potential chaos that could strike America in the near future. That is why they make it easy for their clients to contact them and arrange for an expedited move to have their physical precious metals shipped from the depository to their front doors, often in less than two weeks.

"I won't act like a fearmonger but I also recognize Americans have real concerns," Rose continued. "We want our clients to keep their wealth protected in a depository but if the 'crap hits the fan' we are positioned to help them get their metals in their hands and in their safes."

Genesis Gold Group is also unique in the way it helps clients craft the proper mix of metals. By including a combination of bullion, numismatics, and "utility" bars for easier transactions or even barter, a Genesis Gold IRA can be a perfect backup in case of societal turmoil.

Banks are in crisis. Government policies are becoming more draconian. Riots may strike cities and spill into suburbs. Cooler heads may not be able to prevail in this tumultuous election year. It behooves Americans to have options and to work with a company like Genesis Gold Group that genuinely cares about them even after they've opened an account.

Click here to reach out to Genesis Gold Group today to learn how they can help you secure your retirement or life's savings with physical precious metals.

  1. Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced SSA-E Two Stage AR-15 Trigger .154"
  2. Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Reflex Sight - 3.25 MOA
  3. Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount HL-X 1000 Lumen Weapon Light With Tapeswitch
  4. Geissele Automatics G2S Two Stage AR-15 Trigger .154"
  5. Bravo Company Manufacturing AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - M16
  6. SureFire X300 Ultra Weapon Light - 1000 Lumens - Black
  7. SureFire X300-A Turbo Weapon Light - 650 Lumens - Black
  8. Andro Corp Industries ACI-15 5.56 Bravo AR-15 Rifle - 16"
  9. Streamlight TLR-1 HL Weapon Light - 1000 Lumens
  10. Geissele Automatics SSA-E X Trigger with Lightning Bow
  11. SureFire X300 B Turbo Weapon Light - 650 Lumens - Black
  12. Primary Arms Deluxe AR-15 Scope Mount - 30mm
  13. Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver
  14. Surefire M640DFT Dual Fuel Turbo Scout Light - 700/600 Lumens
  15. Sons of Liberty Gun Works 5.56 M16 / AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - Phosphate
  16. Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic Two Stage Trigger .154"
  17. Streamlight TLR-7X Weapon Light - 500 Lumens - High/Low Switch
  18. SureFire X300 Ultra Weapon Light - 1000 Lumens - Thumbscrew Clamp
  19. Primary Arms Classic Series 21mm Micro Reflex Sight - 3 MOA Dot
  20. Geissele Automatics AR-15 Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger - Two Stage - .154"
  21. Geissele Automatics 5.56 Enhanced AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group - Nanoweapon
  22. Geissele Automatics Super 42 Tungsten Buffer Weight
  23. Geissele Automatics Premium Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Assembly with Super 42 H1 - Black
  24. Geissele Automatics Single Stage Precision SSP M4 Curved AR-15 Trigger .154"
  25. Geissele Automatics Super 42 Braided Buffer Spring and H3 Buffer
  26. Geissele Automatics AR-15 Super Precision Standard 30mm Scope Mount - Black
  27. Geissele Automatics Premium Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Assembly with Super 42 H2 - DDC
  28. Geissele Automatics Premium Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube - OD Green
  29. Geissele Automatics Premium Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube - Black
  30. Geissele Automatics Ultra Precision 5 Axis Trigger Guard - Black
  31. Geissele Automatics Super MCX SSA M4 Trigger Bow
  32. Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger for IWI Tavor and X95
  33. Geissele Automatics Posi-Snap Safety Selector
  34. Geissele Automatics Gas Block Pin Punch Set
  35. Geissele Automatics Premium Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Assembly with Super 42 H3 - Black
  36. Geissele Automatics URG-I Airborne Charging Handle - Black
  37. Geissele Automatics Super Tricon Two Stage AR-15 Trigger .154"
  38. Geissele Automatics Airborne Charging Handle - Black
  39. Geissele Automatics URG-I Airborne Charging Handle - DDC
  40. Geissele Automatics Hi-Speed National Match Two Stage AR-15 Trigger Set .154"
  41. Geissele Automatics Super Configurable AR-15 Safety Selector
  42. Geissele Automatics Premium Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube - Desert Dirt
  43. Geissele Automatics Super SCAR Two Stage Trigger .154"
  44. Geissele Automatics 5.56 CHF Chrome Lined AR-15 Barrel - Mid-Length - Taper Profile - 16"
  45. CMC Triggers AR-15 / AR-10 Drop-In Match Grade Single Stage 3-Gun Trigger - Curved - 2.5lbs
  46. Shield Arms S15 Gen3 Magazine for Glock 43X / 48 - 15 Rounds - Black Nitrocarb
  47. Streamlight TLR-7X Weapon Light - 500 Lumens - High/Low Switch - FDE
  48. Radical Firearms 5.56 Barreled AR-15 Upper - 15" RPR Gen 3 Handguard - BMD Brake - 16"
  49. CMC Triggers AR-15 Lower Parts Kit - No Fire Control Group or Grip
  50. FailZero M16 / AR-15 EXO Coated Bolt Carrier Group
Geissele Automatics Super AR-15 Charging Handle - Black

The Geissele Automatics Super Charging Handle is a fully ambidextrous, dual-levered, gas-busting charging handle designed specifically for the AR platform. Machining the Super Charging Handle from a solid block of 7075-T6 aluminum allows for the levers to be dual contoured with a checkered handling surface to aid with gloved use. The levers themselves have been extended over the standard AR-15 charging handle for faster and easier operation regardless of which side you're charging from. Finally, the rear lip has been raised to help redirect the gas from suppressed or short-barreled rifles away from the shooter's face. All parts are hardcoat anodized black.

The Super Charging Handle fits standard AR-15 pattern uppers.

Geissele Part # 05-313B

Buy Now $105.00